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Being fit and feeling good about yourself ins't always easy when you put everyone else and your work first. Lets make it easy with little adjustments to your fitness, food & fabulous self.


Free 55 min Full Bodyweight Workout to make you sweat

Hey there ladies!

Welcome to our new workout of the week! This is our 55 minute real time bodyweight workout, so no equipment required other than a mat if you’re exercising on a hard surface. It’s definitely considered HIIT – High intensive interval training so get ready to sweat.

In this video we will start with a warm of around 7 mins then get stuck into a 40 minute back to back interval session. Yes you heard me right – 40 mins of back to back intervals – or at least that’s how it will feel! Our timer is set to 45:15 meaning we’ll exercise for 45 seconds with a 15 sec rest/transition to the next exercise. We’re working in blocks of 10 exercises with around 30-60 rest between blocks. It can get pretty intense, so if you are a complete beginner just skip on over to our 4 exercise combo post to get you started. You can skip over right here 👉🏻FOUR BEGINNER EXERCISES

This is a real time LIVE workout from our F+F Inner Circle, so you’re getting a great insight into how we coach and train our inner circle members. You can read more about our inner circle membership right here 👉🏻F+F Inner Circle, but if you’re ready to get started then read on!

We have two different variations to our blocks. Block 1 and 3 are single exercises such as squats, press ups, lunges. Blocks 2 and 4 are combination blocks such as 2 plank jacks followed by 2 squat thrusts and repeating for 45 seconds. These combo blocks challenge you a little bit more, so if you’re struggling or finding going from the floor to standing so quickly a little tough on your blood pressure and you get dizzy then just pick one of those exercises and continue with that.

For safety make sure you’ve cleared a space around you so you’re not going to fall over or kick anything during your workout. Make sure you follow both the warm up and cool down sections of the workout – don’t skip off early for that shower and miss the all important stretch out! As well as being physically fit and medically cleared to exercise you should also be aware of how you’re feeling during the workout. If at any time you feel sick, dizzy or experience pain you should stop and consult your doctor.

Lastly… have a great workout and make sure you tag us in your post workout selfies!

If this is to much for you (it is pretty fast paced!) don’t worry, just duck over to our post for beginners giving you a 4 exercise combo to get you started. You can skip over right here 👉🏻FOUR BEGINNER EXERCISES

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