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Put some time aside for sleep, fresh air, great food, enjoyable exercise, rest, recuperation and all things that make you fit, healthy and happy! welcome to becoming fit and feeling good.

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Being fit and feeling good about yourself ins't always easy when you put everyone else and your work first. Lets make it easy with little adjustments to your fitness, food & fabulous self.


30 Minute Workout To Get You Sweating Fast

This is your 30 minute workout filmed for IGTV and includes a warm up, cool and 20 minute main block. So all you have to do is hit play and go! Workout with me and get ready to sweat. Taken from our full 55 minute metabolic meltdown workout you can get a sample of our real time LIVE classes. As this was IGTV it’s best watched in portrait

Equipment Needed: A Kettlebell and Pair of Dumbells

Disclaimer: Make sure you have cleared a space and you’re not going to knock anything over or injure yourself. Make sure you’re medically fit to take part and approved by a doctor. If you feel pain, sickness, dizziness during the workout STOP IMMEDIATELY and seek medical advice.

Lastly, I demonstrate options throughout, so if the intensity is too much, just choose an option that suits you and work up. You can repeat this workout weekly and work up the intensity ladder as you improve.

If this workout is too much and you’re a beginner, why not head over to our blog and try out our 4 Beginner Home Workout Exercises beginner . Also, if you don’t have any equipment, don’t worry. We also have a workout for you. Why not try our 55 Minute Full Body Workout of the Week which is bodyweight only!

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30 Minute Workout with KT Chaloner | Fitandfeelgood

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