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Being fit and feeling good about yourself ins't always easy when you put everyone else and your work first. Lets make it easy with little adjustments to your fitness, food & fabulous self.


How to balance your eating in isolation and stay in shape

Hey there wellness warrior! how you holding up?

So we are literally just into the second week of isolation and you’ve discovered you’re one of two people: You’re either the super organised, motivated individual who has seized this time to sort projects, sign up for new courses, exercise everyday and and smash through the healthy eating to come out of this 12 weeks like a wellness goddess….OR…. you’re that person who has already watched 3 seasons of a Netflix boxset and munched your way through your entire isolation stack of food whilst remaining in bed for around 8 hours a day

Which one are you?

Whilst we might not swing you towards becoming an uber wellness warrior that can literally stand on one leg whilst juicing her morning wake up shake, we can help you avoid the pitfall of eating 14 days worth of isolation food in day 1. Try these handy tips to try and provide yourself with some ‘structure’ in these weird times!

Tip 1

Plan your eating 2-3 days at a time and segment your food across your shelves in the fridge. Day 1-3 can have the top shelf with the rest of the weeks food below. Every 2nd or 3rd day re-plan your eating and move those 2 days to the top. Promise yourself to only eat from the top shelf rather than mindless dipping into fridge food. Allocate yourself your breakfast, lunch and dinner including a couple of snacks and package it all up ready to go

Tip 2

Batch cook your meals and store in the freezer except for 2-3 days worth of your meals that you’re allocating to your fridge. When meals are prepared in advance, they’re not only cheaper but also help keep mindless munching at bay! There is nothing that can make you feel more smug right now that a little batch cooking!

Tip 3

Write yourself a diary for the day and try to treat it like a work day. Breakfast – work or chores. Lunch – work or chores and then dinner. Set yourself an alarm to get up even if you don’t have to. Keep the boxsets for the evening only and if you have time, try to enrol in an online course or find someone who you like who is doing home workouts. Get yourself a schedule and stick with it. Blatant plug – we’re doing home workouts every day at 7am! They’re also available for play back!

These are strange time and no one has any idea of how to tackle it, but as humans we love a little structure to our lives, so having a plan certainly helps.

Stay safe and well warriors!


Eating everything in isolation

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