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How to Peri-Menopause Well. An Amazing Podcast with Rebekah Brown from Mpowder

November 14, 2020

I was absolutely delighted when Rebekah Brown from Mpowder Store agreed to join me on a podcast to talk all […]

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I was absolutely delighted when Rebekah Brown from Mpowder Store agreed to join me on a podcast to talk all things Menopause and specifically, the Peri-menopause. We discussed everything from symptoms, to how we can help ourselves get through it a little better to embracing this change for all the positives it also brings. From our chat it became pretty clear that:

  1. We need more discussion, acceptance and education of this phase in a woman’s life from not only ourselves, but those around us and the medical profession
  2. How you look after yourself matters and personal wellness can now be your priority from eating well, sleeping well to embracing what can be your most creative time of life
  3. That Mpowder are one heck of a support system for you. From doing their research, engaging with their community and bringing you supplements to help you menopause well. I really think they people to be friends with!

Rebekahs journey to creating Mpowder is a relatively new one, but bourne from her own personal experience of the peri-menopause and not being able to get the support, education and nutritional supplements she knew she needed. We hear all about how her peri-menopause is our gain!

If you want to skip straight to the podcast listen here or scroll down for audio (not on spotify)

The Symptoms

Rebekah was fabulous in helping us spot the symptoms of being Peri-Menopause rather than ‘losing our marbles‘ as far too many people like to put it. Often symptoms are easily missed or put down to ‘something else’. Take me for instance… I sat down to list everything I’d noticed about myself recently and written off as stress due to: lockdown, the closure of the gym and the creation of a new business. But when put together, collectively they are also pointing towards 👉 Peri-Menopause:

  • Not sleeping as well as I normally would. Usually nothing would keep me from sleep. Now I wake at 4.30am and unsurprisingly want my bed by 8.30pm
  • Suffering with anxiety and what feels like the start of panic attacks when I’ve never had anxiety before
  • Quick to be anger and heightened irritability that is beyond rationale
  • Days of overwhelm and emotion having never been a person who cries before
  • Actually paying for facials and worrying about should I have botox and fillers as the ageing process has hit my face like a truck

These are just my symptoms, others include:

  • Complete fatigue and real bone ache
  • Bloating from foods that previously weren’t a problem
  • Weight maintenance (gain)
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Changes in skin – dryness, acne, drooping
  • Hair texture changing
  • Migraines

If you’d like more information about the symptoms Rebekah mentioned Dr Newson as a great resource. You can visit her website here: but I’ve dug out a great 2-page resource as a good starting point regarding peri-menopause and how to start doing it well. 👉 Click here

The Solutions

Part of our discussion was around the solution and whilst Rebekah doesn’t claim the powders are silver bullets (I’m secretly hoping they are) they act as complementary supplements – not meal replacements nor replacements for HRT and other options you’ve worked out with your GP/Medical professional.

Mpowder have already launched their Peri-boost powder to assist with the menopause and early next year will launch their Meno-boost followed by post-boost. All the powders are vegan based and where possible organic, but sourcing the right ingredients isn’t always easy. What I love is how Mpowder are constantly looking to improve their product by bringing their community together to test taste, granularity and create the fabulous recipes of how they are incorporating the powder. As you’ll hear, I’m a massive fan of the ball recipe! (check the website for recipes)

At the moment, the powders aren’t suitable for women who have a history of cancer either themselves or their family, but in mid-2021 they will be trialing a new powder suitable for these women (the isoflavour free range). If you’re interested in taking part in this trial, please let me know. They aren’t clinical trials so there’s no real risk.

The Q & A Section

This section is just fabulous and so worth a listen! We tackle the questions submitted by you on instagram and no doubt cover off the concerns of so many women. We answered:

  1. What supplements can you take in the peri-menopause phase that will help you balance your mood, sugar levels and nourish your body at this time
  2. How you overcome mood swings, emotional overwhelm and feeling unrecognisable to yourself and others
  3. How the powders could complement existing medical prescriptions such as oestrogen gel and HRT

Competition Time

Mpowder and I are running a competition until 20th November where you could win a 6 month pass to the MPowder Expert Series of talks plus a month in the Fit + Feelgood Inner Circle with me. All you have to do is like both our instagram pages (@mpowderstore and @iamfitandfeelgood) plus tag a friend in the comments section of the competition post on insta. Someone you think may benefit from some menopausal support. We’ll be drawing the winner 20th November 2020. For more information on whats involved in our inner circle check our the F+F Inner Circle

Fit and Feelgood and Mpowder Competition

Other Ways you can get involved

The Expert Series – These are monthly educational sessions run by Mpowder and each month they bring in a different expert in their field to discuss how you can menopause well. They are fab. I attended the cold water therapy discussion and am now off to wild swim in the local lake! (with a wetsuit of course!)

The Powders – You can purchase the powders as a one off or via subscription and start supplementing your daily diet with this vegan based powder to nourish your body through peri-menopause (not suitable for women with a history of cancer)

Subscribe to the Big Read – In the footer on the website lies their subscription to the big read. Looking at their journal section I just know this will be filled with some vital education for us women. Subscribe here

Let’s all Start Peri-Menopausing Well

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