What if the answer to losing weight, having more energy and getting back to liking yourself was as simple as having a coach in your corner working out with you every day? Guiding and supporting you to be the fittest you've ever been feeling good about yourself?

being fit and feeling good isn't about restrictive diets and sweating it out alone. It's about being part of an inner circle who strive to be the best they can in a modern day busy world

The fit + feelgood inner circle is unlike other online workout programmes because I am your real personal trainer and I coach, guide and support you just as I would if you stepped foot inside my studio. Our LIVE workouts are taught online in real time meaning I can see you, coach you, guide you and correct you for a completely safe and effective workout. This means results. 

Just like any good personal trainer I hold you accountable. When you join, I will show up, which means you need to as well. No longer are you left to join an online class and left to motivate yourself to get out of bed and workout alone. I am right there with you and so are your other wellness warriors. 

The inner circle is just that. To coach properly and give you my full support we limit numbers in our class. So, to be part of the inner circle you need to be committed. And in return I am committed to you.

To be a wellness warrior you have to be committed. And in return, I am to you. I will show up every morning, which means you have to as well

KT Chaloner



You need to workout from home or on the road, but don't find it motivating to do it alone. Having a community of people and a trainer to be accountable to 'live' would make all the difference to you doing the workouts

You want and need to workout, but really don't know what you're doing and don't want to get injured. Ideally you'd use a personal trainer, but can't afford the £800/month it would cost to workout with them everyday

You want to learn more about healthy living, but taking a sensible approach. You've tried every diet and don't want the restrictions. You're looking for a healthy, sensible and sustainable approach to being fit and healthy

You're 40+ and can't move quite like you used to. You want age appropriate workouts that will make you strong, mobile, fitter and healthy without all the jumping.

What's unique and separates the fit + feelgood inner circle from other online fitness programmes is that it isn't a workout programme you complete at home alone. The inner circle has me guiding and coaching you on live interactive workouts

Just like I would if you were in the studio, I can see you and am there to help with your technique, motivate you to push further and hold you accountable to your class time. YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP FOR ME

Alongside your workouts we will discuss the best weekly schedule for you and meet virtually throughout the programme. You'll also have full access to the library of our previous workouts and all our nutrition guides and programmes.

To be part of the fit + feelgood Inner Circle is more than to join a programme. It's to make a lifestyle change and be held accountable to achieve a healthy balanced life that includes sensible fitness and wholesome food


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nutrition guides


We have designed several nutrition bundles to help you eat better. Say goodbye to diets and find an eating strategy that works for you. Whether this is our 8 week prep & prime gut restoration or our 21 Day 5:2 fasting programme. We will give you the tools & support you to find your eating style

mental health check ins


We run zoomies and webinars to make sure everyone is ok, on track and being the best they can. We discuss goals, reframing the mind, nutrition stumbling blocks and more to keep you on track and talking. The inner circle is about coaching you whether thats me or your fellow wellness warriors

WELLNESS warrior ondemand


Access to all our previous workouts from HiiT to Pilates to Yoga. Plus all our nutrition bundles, recipes and handouts. You'll have access to all things WW

simple tasty recipe selection


We regularly update our blog area pulling all my favourite recipes from books, blogs and wellness experts around the world. I do all the digging for you



We are wellness warriors who support everyone with words of encouragement in our inner circle facebook group. Connect with like-minded woman and show strength

live coached fitness classes


We run a live schedule of workouts each week using zoom, so we can SEE you working out. We can coach and guide you and make sure you're on target with your technique, effort and challenging yourself at the right level for you. 









Upon joining you'll have immediate access to the Fit + Feelgood library of previous workouts, our community facebook group & our 30 day kick-start a good habit programme to set you off on the right path

You'll receive your welcome email with a questionnaire and a link to book your 30 min consultation to discuss your goals, put a face to the name and talk about what you want to achieve from the programme. I will then put together the best workout schedule for you

You'll receive your personalised workout schedule and instructions on how to join our online classes. You'll need to 'register' again on the booking platform, but I promise it only takes 30seconds and once you're done I'll upload a 30 class pass to your account each month (whilst a member)so you can join our live workouts every day

Each month you'll receive a new email from me with a new focus and some great wellness tips to implement into your life. And as long as you're a member of the inner circle you'll continue to receive your 30 class pass each month and have full access to our library of classes and wellness tips

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about me

I have had more than 20 years experience in the fitness industry and been lucky enough to have worked with the best from across the globe. Ranked a top 10 personal trainer I've helped hundreds of women become fitter, healthier and more self confident. I want all women to feel like warriors for themselves

Having started my fitness career in London before heading to California and then New Zealand I have been lucky enough to work with some of the top players the fitness industry has to offer. Now, in the world of social media anyone can become a health guru and the information put out can be confusing when you're trying to figure out how to eat and exercise best for you. I now own a studio in Cheshire, England and remain a hands-on coach personal training clients and teaching classes daily to ensure I do all I can to help women become wellness warriors. My inner circle is about extending that reach to women who don't live close enough, but still want my help.

sneak a peak at my qualifications

My coach still spies on me through zoom!

At first I was worried I wouldn’t be as motivated doing the workouts from home, as this was the main reason I joined KT’s Bootcamp from her studio in Chester. However, I can’t believe how fab they have been. Your coach is still able to spy on you through the wonderful technology of Zoom meaning she can correct anything you’re getting wrong, but you also have your other workout buddies working alongside you. It’s great. Also for those mornings you don’t feel like setting your alarm for the live class, you can catch up at any time of day. So no excuses! 

Lottie Britton

Not working out alone is huge for motivation

Thank you KT for responding so quickly to this current situation (COVID-19). We went from bootcamp in your fabulous studio to 7am online session with zoom and facebook in a matter of days! Great way to start the day and lovely knowing you’re not working out alone. These sessions are really well planned and so much fun!

Dee Jones

There are never any excuses not to exercise

I’ve not had any excuse to slack off exercising with KT providing her full range of activity LIVE online via Zoom and Facebook. Great workouts you can do together with all the other members of the inner circle or later when it suits you. KT and her team are so friendly and brilliant at motivating me to keep fit.

Marion Dykes

Being stuck at home hasn't changed my fitness schedule at all

The online workouts are really enjoyable but also keep me on my toes and my fitness goals in check! KT and Lynn are brilliant at what they do. Encouraging, knowledgeable and really friendly. Moving to online as part of the inner circle hasn’t been a problem and really accessible and flexible for when you want to workout too! Would highly recommend!

Maria Taylor

It's online, but with a real community feel

Online workouts with a community feel! Doing workouts every morning has been a lot of fun. KT is bright and cheery and I am still getting a great workout whilst zoom gives the ability to see everyone else working out with me. I thoroughly recommend joining the inner circle

Jill Courtney

I feel so energised for the day ahead

Amazing morning sessions at 7am. They really kick off the day in a really positive way. 5 days in and John and I are both loving them and feel energised for the day ahead. Zoom is great too as you can see your gym buddies albeit over the internet. Thanks KT! They really are working better that I could have hoped and I really feel part of an inner circle of fitness

Lisa Curran

I didn't know what I was doing before

KT is always there to help 24/7 and is very encouraging. She pushes you but I always feel fantastic after her sessions. She is a refreshing change to trainers that I have had in the past and has a fantastic approach towards the world of fitness and her Clients. She actually makes it all make sense!

Kate Gardener

KT has changed my view of food!

I always swore every year that I would do something about my weight for my birthday and each year I failed. In 2015 I decided enough was enough, joined KT and feel fabulous for it. Katie’s knowledge and guidance is invaluable and her enthusiasm is infectious. After completing just 12 weeks I became much stronger, more confident in my body’s abilities and considering sports and events that previously I would have shied away from. 

Danielle Modern

I can't recommend KT enough

Working with KT Chaloner on my fitness has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve started with her over a year ago. At the time I was unconfident with exercise and I just didn’t know where to start, luckily I found KT. She has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well-being not just my fitness. I have increased my fitness massively, lost over 5 % body fat and have lost just over a Stone in weight and managed to keep it off. I feel more toned and stronger than ever and that’s all down to KT.

Julie Weldon


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At first I was worried I wouldn’t be as motivated doing the workouts from home, as this was the main reason I joined KT’s Bootcamp at her studio in Chester. However, I can’t believe how fab they have been. Your coach is still able to spy on you through the wonderful technology of Zoom meaning she can correct anything you’re getting wrong, but you also have your other workout buddies working alongside you. It’s great. Also for those mornings you don’t feel like setting your alarm for the live class, you can catch up at any time of day. So no excuses! 

lottie britton

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Drop us a message telling us all about you and your history and we can chat about whether it's the right investment for you. 

We'll talk through the programmes, your schedule, your lifestyle and what you want to achieve. We can then figure about between us how we proceed and put together a really tailored approach to getting you results.

We're really looking forward to hearing from you.

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