Your Monthly Personal Training Membership

Your Monthly Personal Training Membership

What if the answer to losing a little weight, having oodles more energy and getting back to loving yourself and your body was as simple as having a coach in your corner? Guiding and supporting you to be the fittest you've ever been and feeling good about yourself?

ISn'T IT TIME YOU got started?

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Being fit and feeling good about yourself after 40 isn't about restrictive diets and sweating it out alone striving for that instagram selfie. It's about being healthy, being strong and being a complete bad-ass in your own skin. You've worked hard, perhaps raised a family, run your own business or spent decades focusing on someone else and their needs. Now is your time and we're going to make you SHINE.

Together we work out following a specially designed schedule each month with perfectly designed workouts for women of our age. We talk about real healthy food. We figure out a way to socialise and enjoy a glass of wine. We get strong in mind and body. We become fit and feelgood about ourselves. We kick ass long into later life. 

Welcome to being Fit, Healthy & Strong over 40

Ready to join the Inner Circle?

Starting with our 21 day kick-starter programme you will develop healthy habits and consistency in your workouts, which is going to give you boosted results in your first 3 weeks. Average weight loss is 10lbs in 21 days and provides a much needed mind-shift for ongoing success.

Choose from any of our 30 day workout schedule and accompanying workouts to give you the structure you need to keep you on track with your training plan..

We have 30 day schedules for beginners-intermediates and Intermediates-advanced  with workouts specifically designed for women to burn fat and tone up.
*you will need a set of dumbells + a kettlebell

This Is What You Get

21 Day Kickstarter Programme

Structured Monthly Workout Schedule

feature one

feature tw0

Choose from our many 14-day meal plans and  explore a new and healthy way of eating.  Filled with simple, tasty recipes to help you stay on track with your fitness. We don't believe in strict diets, fad diets or low calorie diets. Nor with stripping all the fun out of eating. Maybe you want to try our high protein pack or perhaps our 14 days to plant-based eating is more your style. Follow along to remain fit + feeling good

Meal Plans + Recipes

feature four

All my workout videos are filmed in real-time meaning they are fully coached. Simply press play and go for a fully coached workout programme to keep you motivated and constantly progressing. I coach and guide you just like I would if you were in my class at the studio. No more guessing with technique or motivating yourself through the workout. You're going to workout right alongside me

*you will need a set of dumbells + a kettlebell

REAL TIME Coached Workouts

feature Three


A 21 day


a catalogue of over 150 workout videos

monthly wellbeing challenges + prizes

a monthly health + wellbeing podcast


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Oodles of self confidence! As your body grows strong, so will your mind

How does this sound?

A banging body you are proud of + won't stop looking at nor showing off



the results you're going to get:

So much energy! Bye bye afternoon slumps + reaching for the coffee!


A strong, fit + healthy body that's going to last you years. I'd say that's pretty important 


Oh yeah and you'll probably lose weight, but we're so not focused on all that calorie counting and scales stuff


How It Works

Sign up for your 7-day free trial and use this time to navigate around your personal inner circle dashboard. Make sure you add to your contacts so you get my daily emails

First This

Download your 21 day kickstarter guide and start planning your meals/shopping lists to start with structure for early success. Also download your 30 day workout schedule, lace up those trainers and workout

Then this

Be a regular in your dashboard to keep an eye out for new downloads, informative podcasts and LIVE workouts. Stay in touch on the gram so we can share your success

then this


"Katie changed my shape at 50 and I've never been stronger. Having lost 6 stone I can't stop looking in the mirror."


got her groove back:


"Joining Katie really helped me focus. I can fit the workouts in around my schedule + I feel fitter than ever"


Is smashing it at 60+


"I've done the 21 day kickstart - TWICE and lost 21lbs so far. I'm just going to keep repeating it"


just can't stop


"The daily workouts are brilliant to either do live first thing or later in the day. They've been such a great way for me to stay fit and strong"


stays fit and stong in lockdown


real results

This      for you if:

you need a personal trainer to help design your workouts to get results

you're not willing to commit to showing up + doing the workouts

You've had enough of fad diets + want a sensible eating plan for your age

You're still into yo-yo dieting, fads and trends

you want to feel fit, strong + healthy in both body + mind

It's probably       for you if...

YOU want a quick fix that'll promise you can drop a stone in 10 days



It's probably
for you if...

There are other medical + health conditions that prevent you from joining this programme. Please review this list at the bottom of the page before deciding to join.

Plant-based eating is growing in popularity and with Veganuary what better time that to try and incorporate more plant-based eating into your diet. Join today and you'll get our 14 day guide to plant based eating complete with meal plans, recipes and done for you shopping lists

Join today and get our 14 day plant based eating guide




Let's Do This Thing!


I'm Katie, your new get-a-grip friend.

Firstly, I am not a wellness blogger. Now that's out the way! I am a qualified Personal Trainer with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and a Level 5 in Nutritional Therapy (along with lots of other qualifications). I own a boutique studio in Cheshire and I still work with clients. I know what I'm talking about and more to the point, am qualified to help you.

more about me

hey there!

How fit do I need to be to join the inner circle?

You can be zero or hero. We clearly state which workouts are for beginners and which are more advanced, but I coach options throughout meaning anyone can do the workouts at their own pace. You'll become hero in no time

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need equipment to join the inner circle?

We do have some bodyweight classes, but at our age we need to build strong muscles, so I recommend buying a set of dumbells and a kettlebell, as most workouts include resistance training 

I'm pregnant, can I join the programme?

Whilst exercise can be good during pregnancy there are a lot of factors to consider, so without seeing you in person I have to say NO, these online programmes aren't suitable at this time.

I suffer with some form of joint problem, can I join the inner circle?

Again, exercise can be beneficial for some joint issues, but without first seeing you I can't say if the inner circle is right for you. I do offer online and in person consultations so get in touch. We can go through a consultation and medical questionnaire and find a way to get you started

Will the eating plans be right for me?

Each month I put up an eating plan or educational download on how to eat. If you're allergic to ingredients you shouldn't eat them. Also, if you're diabetic, IBS, Chrons or have other dietary related disorders you should seek medical advice first before changing diets

How many new workouts are added each month?

This varies, but there are over 150 workouts to choose from. As we build out the inner circle, we'll be adding more and more workouts for you to enjoy.

Do I have to join the monthly challenges?

Nope! The challenges are great fun and help provide focus and drive when sometimes it's lacking. However, you do what works for you.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Of course! You are in control of your subscription so you can cancel whenever you need and join again if you ever want to

Fancy a non-committal 7-day Trial?

Our exclusive inner circle gets you results fast. I hold you accountable to turning up, doing the work + getting results. I coach and guide you just like I would if you stepped into my studio

TRY for 7 days free now
shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every pound invested in you is an important one! And that's ok, let's talk if you're unsure.

Still on the fence?

Not Suitable for you if

you're pregnant, breast feeding or given birth in the last 6 months

you are underweight or have an eating disorder

type 1 diabetics

you are recovering from surgery

if you have medical conditions, are frail or taking medication you should speak with your GP before starting any fitness programme

you have specific dietary requirements or suffer from likes of ibs, crohns, DIVERTICULITIS

if any of the above are you, don't sweat it. drop me a message and let's talk it through. we can do an online consultation first, so we can get a more specific workout + eating plan together for you so you can join it too