Ready for your 21 day Transformation?

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so let's make sure it's a healthy one. In our Fit + Feelgood in 21 days programme you'll combine full body workouts with a healthy eating plan based around the 5:2 fasting protocol. My clients lost around 10lbs in their 21 day transformation, but more long-lasting than that is they've transformed the way they eat + exercise for good meaning the weight has continued to come over sensible + they feel great!


bodyweight workouts
weighted workouts

21 Days for just £21.00 starts 9th november

This programme gives you all the tools you need to succeed in: losing some weight, developing toned muscles and creating a long term (sensible) approach to incorporating eating + exercise into your life. Top this off with oodles of motivation from me and the rest of the Fit+Feelgood team who are working through the 21 day challenge with you and it's a WIN WIN

This 21 day programme is a GAME CHANGER for adjusting your habits around eating + exercise for immediate success and long term sustainability of a healthy body

You don't have to do it alone.

Become a Wellness Warrior

How It Works

We all start together on the same day, so you and the other Wellness Warriors are in it together. It is incredible motivating knowing you're not in it alone. We're with you

join the programme

You'll get all the details you need via email so you can log on, download your guides, get your shopping lists ready and stock up on ingredients ready for DAY 1

log on + get prepared

We will be keeping in touch to keep you on track as you work through your workout schedule and eating plan. 21 days is a small amount of time to achieve big things!

smash the 21 days

"This really helped me refine my approach to workouts and dieting"

I have recently done the 21 day challenge to Fit + Feelgood with KT and on the final day weigh in I have lost 5kg! I have lost a lot of stubborn fat and it feels awesome. I have loads more energy and feel so much more confident. I'm so happy and for the first time in 6 years have achieved my target weight after having my baby. I thought it would never go! This is how I plan to eat + exercise for life. It allows me to indulge occasionally, but keeps me on track.

what will you achieve in 21 days?

paulomi bhandari

p.s. we don't do 'transformation photos' because we're over 40 + why would you want your photo on the internet!

Here's What You Get

5 full body 60 min workouts + bonus workouts

These workouts have been designed for women to burn maximum calories both in the workout and after by combining resistance training with fast-paced bodyweight exercises. The workouts are staggered with Pilates + rest days so you recover appropriately for maximum results. Choose from bodyweight or weighted workouts. Beginners or Intermediate

a 35 page guide to meals + recipes

Our guide includes EVERYTHING you need to succeeed. Top tips, goal setting and how to's. You'll also get your 21 day workout schedule, day-to-day breakdown of your meals with recipes + 3 weekly shopping lists. It's all done for you.

weekly shopping lists

Each week has a shopping list all laid out for you to correspond with that weeks recipes. All you need to do is add the quantity depending on if it's just you or the whole family getting involved

21 Day transformation

21 DAYS FOR JUST £21.00 starts 9th november

bodyweight workouts
weighted workouts

You also get me and day by day motivation to keep going and succeed. We're in it together"

I am with you

Lose weight by dropping body fat + toning your muscles for a great shape

How does this sound?

Stabilise your blood sugar levels potentially lowering your risk of type 2 Diabetes



why combining the 5:2 fasting protocol with exercise is so great

Burn more fat stores + maximise your calories burned with the "afterburn" effect


Control your calorie consumption without being bogged down by counting them 7 days a week


Increase your energy and have more get up and go all day


Is This Right For You?

you need a quick kick-starter you can do

you want to drop body fat

you want more energy

you need structure to succeed

you're ready for the group challenge

this programme isn't suitable for everyone, so please scroll down to check its safe for you 

That's it! All that's required now is commitment for the next 21 days. Double check below before signing up to make sure this programme is suitable for you, then if it's a YES, let's get going!

Choose from our beginner bodyweight workouts or our more intermediate weights workouts. 
To complete the weights workouts you need a pair of dumbells and a kettlebell

Let's Get Started

bodyweight workouts

is that a yes?

weighted workouts


21 DAYS FOR JUST £21.00 starts 9th november

Not Suitable for you if

you're pregnant, breast feeding or given birth in the last 6 months

you are underweight or have an eating disorder

type 1 diabetics

you are recovering from surgery

if you have medical conditions, are frail or taking medication you should speak with your GP before starting any fitness programme

you have specific dietary requirements or suffer from likes of ibs, crohns, DIVERTICULITIS