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Hey there Wellness Warriors.... well what a time we are living in right now! Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us all into isolation and acting a little cray cray! We're stock piling toilet roll, packing the freezer with enough to feed an army and becoming faster than Usain Bolt if someone coughs in our direction. We're in uncertain times and unchartered territory with many of us not knowing if we have Covid, if we're going to get Covid and how best to protect ourselves and loved ones. Well guys, I want to help!

I have written a quick immune supporting guide to help you make some food choices that include essential nutrients that support your immune system so it can help fight cold and flu viruses faster. You can choose to download that on it's own, or you can choose to join our membership (FREE) where I'm also giving away my skinny jeans school weight loss videos aimed specifically at beginners, so everyone should be able to join in. These workout videos are simple, body weight only and easy to follow. They are not 'A Beasting', as this isn't the time. Big strenuous workouts can contribute to elevating stress levels in the body, so right now all we need is a good 30 mins of activity each day to keep us healthy. 

I hope this guide and these workouts go someway to making your isolation a little less 'isolated'. I am also opening up our skinny jeans school private facebook group so you guys can join me as I run Zoom coffee mornings, try and meet up with you in virtual land for workouts and give top tips on how I am staying healthy.

Good luck everyone and see you on the other side! 
KT, x

Please remember, this guide does not negate any medical or government advice you are given and definitely isn't going to cure Covid-19. I am not a doctor or a biochemist! So please be sensible and don't use this guide instead of any medical recommendations.ALSO - PLEASE DON'T EAT ANY FOODS YOU ARE ALLERGIC OR INTOLERANT TO. THIS GUIDE DOES CONTAIN NUTS, DAIRY, WHEAT AND GLUTEN AMONGST OTHER POPULAR ALLERGEN INGREDIENTs. This guide is only here to help you include foods that can help lift your immunity... and we could all do with a bit of that! 

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