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Being fit and feeling good about yourself ins't always easy when you put everyone else and your work first. Lets make it easy with little adjustments to your fitness, food & fabulous self.


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Hey there!

Welcome to the FIT+FEELGOOD Inner Circle LIVE. You’re about to become fitter, healthier, bursting with confidence and above all – you’re going to get fit and feel good about yourself. Our LIVE membership is also super amped with lots of LIVE classes for you to zoom into and get that 121 coaching.

The Inner Circle LIVE membership is so different to other online workout programmes, as you have your coach guiding and supporting you through your workouts. I am sweating right along side you!  Your membership includes

  • Your inner circle workout library containing all our past workouts, which is updated regularly with new workouts every week
  • Your LIVE timetable that is growing as our membership grows
  • The latest recipes we’ve tried and tasted and keep updating
  • Your 30 day workout schedule
  • Complimentary access to the Fitandfeelgoodin21 signature course
  • And oodles of support

… Plus Coming soon is also….

  • Monthly Meal Plan to keep you on track (coming soon)
  • Your 30 day kickstart workout guide to getting going and creating a healthy workout habit (coming soon!)

So that’s it for now, all that’s left is to sign up and get started! There are so many other like-minded women in our inner circle that you’re going to feel right at home. We’ll be running some live Zoom two-way workouts, as part of your membership, but if you’re nervous you can turn your camera off until you’re ready to join us. There’s no judgements here and everyone is lovely, but it’s important you feel comfortable. These workouts are also available on catch up, so if our LIVE schedule doesn’t suit you, then you can do them later in the day. Just search your dashboard for your latest workouts!

See you in the FIT + FEELGOOD Inner Circle

KT, x

Please note when you sign up to our 7 day trial your membership payment will automatically go out after 7 days unless you cancel. This is a rolling monthly payment of £99/month until you cancel your membership. You may cancel at any time and no further payments will be taken. 

F+F Inner Circle + LIVE

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