3 week transformation


They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so let's make sure it's a healthy one. In this course we will be focusing on the popular 5:2 fasting diet with 5 days of regular healthy eating and 2 days of fasting. This programme is combined with five bodyweight workouts that are interval based and aimed at regular exercisers. The benefits of this programme stem beyond just weight loss, so find out if fasting is for you.

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8 week transformation

weight loss success

Our signature programme providing women with weight loss success since 2015. Imagine in 8 weeks losing between 10-18lbs? Don't imagine, as these are the results from this programme. Take a sensible approach to fitness and food and change your dieting strategy with this programme. Inclusive of 8 home workout videos for beginners & our prep & prime gut restoration programme

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8 week gut restoration

prep & prime gut health

Suffering with bloating? Wind? Discomfort after eating? Are you trying your best to eat healthy, but not losing weight and still feeling like your digestion is off. This 8 week gut restoring programme works on the premise of an elimination diet helping you work through the programme to find exactly what foods work for YOU and YOUR body.

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12 week menopause

fit for menopause

This programme will give you 12 weeks of home workout programmes that are low impact and strength based to help you stay fit, strong and healthy in your menopausal transition. You'll also receive a healthy eating plan to transition you through this time. 12 week is just the beginning, but it sets you on the right path

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a FIT + FEELGOOD lifestyle bundles


join the inner circle


What if the answer to losing weight, having more energy and getting back to liking yourself was as simple as having a coach in your corner working out with you every day? Guiding & supporting you on to be the very best wellness warrior you can?

The F+F inner circle is unlike other online workout programmes because I am your real personal trainer and I coach, guide and support you just as I would if you stepped foot inside my studio. Our monthly subscription includes:

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- live classes with me daily
- a personalised schedule
- monthly consultation
- full access to the ww library
- nutrition guides & support
- a supportive group

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Immune support

beat the bloat

exercise basics

In these troubled times we want to do all we can to help you support your immune system! So download our quick immune supporting guide today and get 8 home workout videos too!

That party came around too quick and spanks are at the ready. But wait! Try these quick beat the bloat hacks for a flatter tummy in just 7 days

Get 10 exercises you can do anytime anywhere. Short on time? These 10 basic exercises give you quick and simple full body workout 

I'm a 40 something health and wellbeing (self proclaimed) guru! I own a boutique personal training studio in Cheshire, England where I have helped literally hundreds of women take control of their health and wellbeing - both physically and mentally. Believing in a sensible approach to fitness and food, with a healthy sprinkling of indulgence, women can lead healthy and happy lives with a renewed boost in


I'm KT Chaloner

In my spare time I am devoted to my dog, long hikes, windswept beaches and all the outdoor adventures my fabulous body can withstand. I love to travel and when I do I'm unable to sit still. I love to hike, kayak and explore with the occasional day to just kick back, feel the sun and relax with a good book. When I'm not on the move you will always find me curled up with my dog and a Christmas film - whatever time of year it is!

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girl confidence

I just wish I'd found KT earlier

I joined FIT + FEELGOOD with the last stone to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I had tried every diet going and nothing was working. Within eight weeks, I had lost 16 pounds, even more inches but most of all I felt fantastic! The workouts are tough but it’s great to see the progress week-on-week. It’s not about the weight loss anymore but about being strong and fit. I only wish I had found KT earlier!

Sarah Davies

There was always so much support

After my first week of FIT + FEELGOOD I honestly didn’t think I could do another class. KT really put us through our paces and pushed us. I used muscles I didn’t know existed! The exercises were like nothing I’d ever done before, after the first 3-4 weeks I could really see the difference. The thing I really liked about the classes was that they were varied from week to week, if I was unable to do any of the exercises KT was great at showing me an alternative.

Amanda Chalmers

KT has changed my life

I had tried all the diets under the sun! Whether it was ‘counting syns’, liquid meals, green and red days, no carb, high carb, low carb, the list is endless. I saw F+F and thought I try another fad diet. How wrong was I? The programme teaches you all about nutrition and exercise and am happy to say that I am now nearly 2 stone lighter and have kept it off. Also, more importantly my BP has reduced from dangerously high to normal levels.  It is an enjoyable and fun way to making lifelong changes. 

Fiona Foster

Meeting KT has been life changing

Before joining FIT+FEELGOOD I was regularly rowing and using the cross trainer without achieving results. My aim was to tone up and lose a few pounds. I am over the moon that I have consistently lost and my total loss is over a stone. The classes have been fabulous for me and it has been so motivating to achieve weekly results. My eating habits have changed for the better but I still (over) drink and indulge! I am confident that I will maintain my new weight and shape. I can’t speak highly enough of SJS.

Lisa Curran

So short, but so sweet

I’ve only been training with KT for 7 weeks but feel totally transformed already! I started her 8 week ‘FIT+FEELGOOD’ programme and have lost both weight and body fat. She encourages you with emails on exercise and nutrition. KT really wants you to achieve your goal and this is something that I know I will continue to do with her and I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have done in a long time!!

Jane Lewis

I want to stay at SJS FOREVER

Having never really trained or done any sort of consistent exercise before seeing KT I was pretty nervous for my first FIT+FEELGOOD session. The minute I walked into school that all changed. KT instantly made me feel like I could do it and from then until now (18 weeks in) that’s stayed the same. I struggled to do a push up on my knees when I started and now I can do nearly 40 seconds of PROPER push ups, plus I can plank for the full 40 seconds!!!

Alice Tripp

I didn't know what I was doing before

KT is always there to help 24/7 and is very encouraging. She pushes you but I always feel fantastic after her sessions. She is a refreshing change to trainers that I have had in the past and has a fantastic approach towards the world of fitness and her Clients. She actually makes it all make sense!

Kate Gardener

KT has changed my view of food!

I always swore every year that I would do something about my weight for my birthday and each year I failed. In 2015 I decided enough was enough, joined FIT+FEELGOOD and feel fabulous for it. Katie’s knowledge and guidance is invaluable and her enthusiasm is infectious. 16 weeks on I am now much stronger, more confident in my body’s abilities and considering sports and events that previously I would have shied away from. 

Danielle Modern

I've never been someone to workout

I have been following KT’s FIT+FEELGOOD plan for the last 6 weeks and it has changed my whole outlook on fitness & healthy eating, I look forward to our workouts each week and she has given me my confidence back and helped me where many others have failed… I am now able to think healthy which makes me feel amazing Thank you KT

Donna Rewhorn

Amazing direct focus worked!

As someone who has never been on a diet (could never force myself into the effort of it) but with with a history of regular exercise …. sadly lapsed since I had my daughter 5 years ago, I expected that I would struggle with the diet aspect and find the exercise more achievable. I have now lost a stone and feel a lot better for it. Skinny Jeans School gave me the kick up the bum I needed and has taught me to be more aware of what I am eating. I am continuing with the diet – albeit a less strict version and have joined the gym

Liz Barrat

I can't recommend KT enough

Working with KT Chaloner on my fitness has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve started with her over a year ago. At the time I was unconfident with exercise and I just didn’t know where to start, luckily I found KT. She has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well-being not just my fitness. I have increased my fitness massively, lost over 5 % body fat and have lost just over a Stone in weight and managed to keep it off. I feel more toned and stronger than ever and that’s all down to KT.

Julie Weldon


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